Solar Water Heating

Concentrated Solar Thermal System

Introducing the world's most efficient Solar Heat Generator - SS1000

Our Concentrated Solar Thermal solution caters to any industry that needs steam or hot water for their processes by pre-heating boiler feed water to targeted high temperatures.

Currently, boilers that are used to generate steam, operate on fuels such as diesel, LPG, furnace oil. Pre-heating the boiler feed water to 98℃ with our concentrated solar thermal dishes reduces the operational expenses of the boilers drastically, making the return on investment (ROI) period for such systems less than 3 years.

Video : We keep track of the Sun

The SS 1000 is designed to track the sun and convert the incident sun rays into thermal energy. It comprises parabolic mirrors which concentrate the sunlight onto a receiver that can generate high temperature hot water.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Steam cooking
  • Process hot water
  • Waste water evaporation
  • Solar sludge drying
  • Agricultural drying
  • Thermal desalination

Salient Features of SS1000

  • Cost effective solution for industries that use steam or hot water for their processes
  • Microprocessor based Solar Tracking to ensure maximum thermal output
  • Drastically reduces operational expenses of boilers that run on diesel, LPG, furnace oil, etc
  • As compared to conventional technologies, our system requires only one-third of the land space to deliver the same output
  • Also applicable for large volumes of domestic water heating that include hotels, hospitals, hostels and residential complexes