Effluent Evaporation Solutions -

Zero Liquid Discharge

Smart Evaporator

Smart Evaporator is the most efficient evaporation system that can evaporate a wide variety of industrial effluents and is superior to the other evaporation methods like the Multi Effect Evaporators, etc due to its

  • Low power consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Modularity
  • Simplicity of construction
  • Low maintenance

Here's how the system works -

  1. The Smart Evaporator spreads the effluent on pans into a thin film ( Micro Slicing).
  2. High wind speed generated across the pans evaporates the water from the effluent, leaving salts behind on the pans.
  3. Un-evaporated effluent drips into a flush tank and is re-circulated.
The Smart Evaporator can handle a wide variety of effluents with TDS up to 250,000. It can utilize any low-grade heat available at site like boiler condensate, waste gases etc. with temperatures up to 70°C (for applications that require heat).
It calculates the optimum evaporation rate for given ambient conditions (relative humidity and temperature) & effluent temperature, using the patented Intelligent Algorithm and varies the effluent injection system accordingly in real time.