Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Generation System

Solray Solutions' power generation portfolio includes Net-Metering Solutions, Off-Grid Systems with Storage and PV-DG Hybrid Solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Want to know more about how the systems work? Here's how:

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Solar Rooftop Net-Metering system

  • Net -metering system is used to optimise the use of solar power generated.
  • The power generated by the solar panels installed on the rooftop of premises is primarily used for captive consumption of the customer.
  • Any excess power generated by the system is exported to the grid and is offset at the end of the month with the power consumed from the grid
  • A bi-directional meter is installed to record the number of units sent to or utilized from the grid, and the customer is charged only for the net units consumed

PV-DG Hybrid System

  • This system is efficiently designed to work even during a power failure
  • When there is a power failure, the DG will provide the reference voltage required to initiate solar power generation which is otherwise provided by the grid
  • A smart controller intelligently prioritizes the supply of solar power for the loads hence reducing the load on the DG.

Hybrid System with Storage

  • This system is designed to intelligently integrate multiple power sources - Solar, Grid, Battery & Genset to supply to the loads
  • The solar power generated charges the batteries and caters to the load during the daytime
  • During a power failure, the battery system ensures uninterrupted power supply to the loads
  • This system not only provides a back up but also gives the added benefit of reduced electricity bills