Integrated Solar Power Solutions for an Energy-Independent Future

What We Offer

Solray Solutions' innovative, energy efficient products and customized solutions are designed to reduce the client's dependency on conventional forms of energy. We look to not only reduce the customer's energy expenses but also provide opportunities for attractive returns on investment.

Solar Power Generation Systems

We specialize in designing efficient and cost-competitive Solar Power Solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications.

Concentrated Solar Thermal

Solar heat generator for Industries that require high temperature process hot water. This system can deliver upto 98℃ hot water.

Smart Effluent Evaporator

Most energy efficient effluent evaporator for zero liquid discharge. Employs unique principle of evaporation with highly proven results.

We provide integrated, affordable solar engineering solutions for all your electrical requirements.

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Company Profile

Solray Solutions LLP is the Renewable Energy division of the renowned Pai Kane Group, Goa, global market leaders in the power generation sector.

We offer one-stop, integrated solar solutions to customers who are looking for Power Generation Systems. Starting with advice and consultancy in choosing the right product, we set up systems with round-the-clock on-site support. Our portfolio ranges from solar power installations for residential, commercial and industrial applications to solar thermal turnkey systems.




Our Installations

Application Type : Solar Rooftop Net-Metering System

Solar Capacity Installed : 68kW

Location : Mangalore, Karnataka

Project : IIT Bombay

Application Type : Tracking Solar PV and Water Heating System

Solar Capacity Installed : 1.4kW

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Application Type : Concentrated Solar Thermal

Capacity Installed : 4 dishes

Location : Mahindra, Pune