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Solray Solutions is a leading Solar Energy Company in Goa offering one-stop, integrated Solar Power Solutions to customers who are looking to switch over to Sustainable Energy.

We are the Renewable Energy division of the renowned Pai Kane Group, global market leaders in the power generation sector.

We deliver Superior and Cost-effective Solar Power Systems that are engineered with the latest Solar Technologies to cater to all your electrical requirements.

Our turnkey services range from Consultation, Site Evaluation and Design of the Solar power System to Installation, Commissioning and regular maintenance of the Solar power plant. As a leading Solar EPC contractor, we specialise in executing both Grid-tied solar power solutions and off-grid systems with storage for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.


What we offer

Solar power systems

Solar Power Solutions

We specialize in designing efficient and cost-competitive Solar Power Solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications

Concentrated Solar Thermal system

Solar Thermal Solutions

Solar heat generator designed for Industries that require high temperature process hot water. This system can deliver upto 98℃ hot water

Smart Evaporator

Smart Effluent Evaporators

Most energy efficient effluent evaporator for zero liquid discharge. Employs unique principle of evaporation with highly proven results

Heat pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat pump uses the heat and humidity from the surroundings to heat water. We are channel partners for AO Smith Heat pumps


Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Sun is the ultimate source of Energy and with the rising demand for Energy and increasing cost of conventional fuels, Solar Power serves as an alternate solution. Apart from this, investing in a Solar power plant offers the following benefits -
    • Reduced electricity bills
    • Eco-Friendly Energy
    • Government subsidy for quick payback
    • High Return on Investment
  • Approximately 7 to 10 Sq meters of shadow-free area is required for a 1 kW of a Solar Photovoltaic System. The actual area required would be calculated on a number of factors, such as the solar irradiation (amount of sunlight) at the site, the weather conditions, slope of the roof, the cardinal direction to which the roof faces, etc.

  • The amount you would save depends on the capacity of Solar Power Plant installed, consumption of electricity and many other factors. We do a thorough study of your electricity consumption and design a suitable solution that can offset 100% of your monthly electricity bills.

  • Yes. In a Net-metering system, any excess solar power generated that is not utilised is sent to the grid and is offset with the power consumed from the grid during the night. This export and import of electricity is measured with the help of a net-meter installed at site.

    After a period of 6 months, if the export of electricity is higher than the import, the government will pay for the excess units as per the Power Purchase Agreement signed with the Owner of the Solar power plant.

  • The Government is vigorously involved in promoting the usage of environmentally friendly energy generation systems, such as Solar. Hence, it provides subsidies to all sectors including Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The % of subsidy for a Solar power plant may vary from state to state depending on the contribution by Central and State government.

    The Central Government also provides the benefit of Accelerated Depreciation that helps reduce the corporate tax of profitable business organisations.

  • The Solar Panels come with a performance warranty of more than 25 years and are very durable. We design the Solar Power System with high quality equipment, that will perform to their optimum and ensure continuous generation of electricity without any manual intervention.

  • Yes. A Solar Off-Grid system offers grid independence by providing uninterrupted electricity from storage batteries. Solar power generated in the morning is stored in the battery and is utilised at night when the consumption of electricity is high.

  • Yes. We offer a Hybrid Solar power solution which can be synchronised with Diesel Generators with the help of a smart controller. The Smart controller prioritises the supply of Solar power to the loads thereby reducing the consumption of diesel.

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